2015 CLAY BUSTER’S LEAGUE   This year The League will kick off on Tuesday, May 5 and run every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm,  Our  Wind Up will be on June 23.  The Cost this year is $950/Team ($190) per Individual.  Dinner will not be included this year but in the price, however, there will be the option to buy hot dogs and burgers with proceeds going to Ronald McDonald house.  As you most know, unfortunately, Primetime and Northern Tackle are closing (most likely) mid March.  However, we are still accepting payment for registration at Primetime while we are still in operation.  Once we are closed, registration can be made during business hours at the Wapiti Shooters Club.  If anyone needs ammunition, we do have some (in stock) supply of 12 gauge ($70)/flat, 20 gauge ($75)/flat and 28 gauge ($89)/flat.  We also have access to ammunition from our suppliers.  Please give Greg as much notice as you can.  FOR MORE INFORMATION please email or call 780-538-4530.


Sporting Clays is a game where the clays are thrown from unpredictable locations with great varieties of angles, speed, elevations etc.  We use our entire range to have a variety of different types of shoots or just for practice and fun.  The shoot may be going though trails in the woods or a friendly shoot at our clubs 5 stand  shooting center. This center is capable of having five different shooters shoot from five different locations taking turns at shooting clays.   Sporting Clays is governed by the National Sporting Clays Association for competition and registered shoots.

Skeet targets are shot from towers called a high house and a low house.   The shooter will stand in a half moon shaped shooting area and shoot clays from 7 different position until all stations are completed.

Trap is shooting shotgun at five different specific locations.  The clay targets are always going away from you.