Ladies Only

The lady members that shoot at our club sometimes participate in many disciplines of shooting so just not shotgun but maybe rifle or handgun

We have numerous pictures of the ladies shooting.

This page will be updated often; some of the pictures of the ladies may not be taken at Wapiti Shooters Club that’s because they compete all over Alberta and or all over the world. Yes I’m telling you all over the world.

This Page will have a brief account of the accomplishments of some of our ladies over the past few years.


Air gun
Takes place in our downstairs ranges we have about a half dozen serious shooters.

We shoot ISSF or PPC and we have about 20 shooters that participate with more and more coming on board. This type of shooting is done both downstairs and outside. We have students to professional teachers and police officers and everybody else shooting this type of shooting.

The amount of ladies that shoot rifle is less that we would like to see but we still have a number of ladies that like to shoot small bore rifle.

Every year for the past three years we have held ladies only shoots.

Which means ladies you can come to the range and try shooting maybe a handgun or rifle or even try shotgun shooting? With no pressure from the men in your lives to get you stressed. We charge a small fee for the ammunition and we even cook for you. Many of our lady shooters come and give advice and instruction and our guys make sure that the guns are loaded for you and also give instruction in a non intimidating fashion.